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Your Restaurant’s Trash is Telling You Something

Posted by Christy Hurlburt on Jan 24, 2018 4:17:00 PM

Geoff Aardsma was busy last year writing articles and peeking in trash bins. Check out this feature for the December edition of Modern Restaurant Magazine. In case you missed it, we’ve summarized the highlights for you below. Head over to this link to catch the full article. P.S. Stop by our exhibit at RFMA’s 2018 conference in Phoenix - Booth #306!

How to Discover Insights and Implement Comprehensive Recycling Programs

Restaurant trash can be frustrating, annoying, and costly. All restaurant managers know that smooth operations includes not having to manage your trash, recycling, or food-waste dumpsters. And waste can be tricky. Where is it coming from? How many trash pickups or size of waste containers are actually needed for the level of business? What about those new recycling regulations or rules and how do you get your employees to follow them? A waste services provider that uses waste technology, like Enevo, can alleviate some of this stress by providing clarity into waste management and recycling programs while also being cost-effective for restaurant managers.

Trash pain points don’t have to be the norm!

There are plenty of opportunities for mishandled trash to become a bigger problem. It could be too heavy for an employee, causing back pain or injury, or the bag could spill or break creating a slippery spot on the floor. Too many trips to the dumpster can invite unwanted critters or insects into the kitchen and dining areas, leading to health and safety issues for employees or customers. Perhaps the waste container’s loading height is too tall for your employees, potentially causing some trash to spill outside of the dumpster. Not to mention the health code violations and fines that could result from an overflowing dumpster.

Data from Enevo’s waste technology can provide insights to identify waste problems but also offer valuable solutions, including cost savings and operational efficiencies. A good waste service provider can assist managers with how to handle materials properly, how to reduce spillage, slips and falls, and how to make trips to the dumpster more efficient.

Great waste services means clarity, understanding, and better overall satisfaction!

Your waste services provider helps uncover inefficiencies and potential issues by evaluating and understanding the life cycle of your restaurant’s waste - What is coming in and where is it coming from? How are the materials generated? How can you eliminate unnecessary waste and reduce costs? Do you recycle? Do you recycle correctly?

Each state, county and city may have different rules for recycling and it’s hard for employees and managers to keep up with regulations. Finding and understanding the needed information takes necessary time away from other important managerial tasks, and when staff needs to make quick decisions in this fast-paced industry, an ill-defined recycling program will likely result in inconsistency.

Studies also show that employees find value in company programs that make them feel like they’re making a difference and contributing to something bigger than themselves. Restaurant employees who follow a well-defined recycling program can feel more confident in their job, have more pride in their environmental impact and are more in alignment with management expectations. A waste services provider can assist management by laying out a clear and comprehensive recycling program that makes the most sense for their restaurant, ensuring that it is both well-defined for staff and cost-effective for operations.

Trash is inherently messy, but by partnering with a waste services provider like Enevo, it’s possible to make a more positive impact on restaurant operations. Waste services can impact employee engagement through a clearly defined and executed recycling program, discover insights to create more efficient health and safety operations and reduce overall waste management costs for restaurants. Taking out the trash may just become more interesting.  

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