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"Just Trust Me:" Put Your Provider To The Test

Posted by Geoff Aardsma on Oct 2, 2017 6:44:00 AM


On Tuesday, your service provider is scheduled to pick up three of your bins and your monthly rate is based on this recurring service. Sounds simple, but do you know if that actually happened as scheduled? What happens if you always assume the provider emptied your bins as scheduled and is charging you correctly? What kind of verification do you receive? This can result in potential service issues and missed opportunities for cost reductions.
Enevo's waste services enables us to fill in these gaps. Not only is it important to measure your provider's adherence to the set pickup schedule, but also to measure each collection. Analyzing this data alerts Enevo to preventable field problems, and ensures you only pay for the services you receive. Does anyone ask the provider important questions about how they conduct their services?
So, what tough questions should you ask your provider?
  • Do they visit each site to verify container size and content to ensure you're paying for the right services? This promotes accurate reporting and invoicing, and a higher quality of improvement programs and daily service management.
  • How do they confirm if a site has had a missed, unscheduled, or scheduled collection? Based on the data collected, this can verify the volume of waste generated and the actual needs of the site.
  • Can they identify containers that need service before the next scheduled pickup? This is critical to avoiding overflowing containers and emergency services.
Most problems in the field are preventable, and Enevo's waste services can help you solve them in a timely manner.  We invest heavily into knowing the details of each of your sites and continuously gather data that drives how we provide higher quality and more efficient services to you. 

Topics: fill level monitoring, right-sizing, Waste services