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Why "No News Is Good News" Can Be Bad For Your Business

Posted by Geoff Aardsma on Oct 18, 2017 5:40:00 PM


In the waste industry, the old saying of "no news is good news" can be a misnomer. Typically, the only way to know if something went wrong or off schedule with pickups is when it goes severely wrong, then you have a bigger problem to solve.  How can you know when there is an issue without physically checking the fill level of your bins? Are there frequent missed pickups that are not brought to your attention? You could potentially pay for services you did not receive, which is where Enevo can help.
Without technology to determine if a bin is empty can make common issues like missed pickups and bin overflows into a much larger problem. Some hauling companies use GPS in their trucks that determine if a truck is close to the pickup site, but does not detect fill level, or confirm a pickup. 
If a bin overflows, you can see the obvious problem which prompts a resolution, but the bigger issue is when a missed pickup or service schedule adjustment does not cause an overflow; there is no visual problem, so there is no urgency for a resolution. If you don't notice these mistakes, how do you know the frequency of missed pickups? You may be paying for these, but no one brings it to your attention. Cue the snowball effect, which eventually causes a major headache in resolving this with your hauler and wasted time spent on customer service calls back and forth trying to determine why it happened
The safest bet is to have Enevo managing your services.  Enevo is able to proactively identify when missed or partial collections occur, and contact the hauler before it becomes an issue at your site.  Additionally, Enevo is able to set the most efficient and accurate schedules based on actual needs, saving clients money. Stop finding out about service issues and cost reduction opportunities too late, let Enevo help you take control!

Topics: fill level monitoring, right-sizing, Restaurant Waste Services