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How Full Is This Bin?

Posted by Geoff Aardsma on Nov 30, 2017 8:45:00 AM


Is there a correct answer? Of course. However, there are some important considerations when embarking on a container fullness study:

  1. Reliability - can you trust the data?
  2. Validity - can you use the data?


If you manually measure and monitor the fill level of your waste bins, is the same person doing this each time? If there are multiple people taking measurements, there will be different perception of fill level, therefore throwing off your data.


shutterstock_343116149.jpgMany assumptions take place based on this single observation. For example. if a waste bin is only 50% full on Wednesday of this week, should you cease collections on Wednesdays going forward if the bin is not completely full?  If so, it must be assumed that the bin will be 50% full every single Wednesday at that same time every week going forward in order to remove service. This is risky, since there is no way to accurately predict the future fill level of the bin.

Right-sizing is an important component to your waste management solution because it is the primary driver of cost savings and quality of service. Classically, this is done through visual observations, which present challenges with reliability and validity.  Additionally, these visual observations can be costly and time consuming, so they are generally not conducted very often.

The safest bet is to have Enevo managing your waste services. Enevo utilizes technology that delivers consistent measurements and utilizes advanced analytics to provide insights, which are much more trustworthy than human perception. Enevo ensures you have the right service, meaning you can take the guesswork and worry out of your waste data!

Topics: fill level monitoring, right-sizing, Waste services